It was April 14, 1993 — a Wednesday. I was 17. My sister was 19 and was a student at Wash U in St. Louis, Missouri. I was probably a month away from high school graduation. I’d already confirmed I’d be going to Tulane University in the Fall.

So, I…

Storytelling matters, to state the obvious. But storytelling in the context of teaching and learning might matter more than we acknowledge.

What do you remember: the things you memorized a day before an exam, or the things that were contextualized in a moment, in a larger narrative of exploration, discovery…

What else are we missing?

I’d never heard of it — zipper merge? That is, I’d never heard of it, or seen it until I moved to Canada.

I grew up in the USA Midwest, where a driver’s license is a right of passage. 15 permit, 16 freedom. My classrooms were, first, driving around in…

Jess Mitchell

I'm just Jess.

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